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When Must a Company Have an F.A.A Drug Testing Program

How do you know if your company must have a program?  If it operates or intends to operate under CFR part 121, 135, or 145, it might.  A company operating under part 121 or part 135 must have a program.  However, it is not as simple in determining if part 145 must.  So, for a part 145 , it depends on who they work with.  A part 145 working with a part 121 or a part 135 needs a program; one that does not, may not.  



Why Use OM Management?

Our staff has decades of experience managing F.A.A. drug and alcohol programs.  As such, OM has numerous aviation and aviation related clients.  And, most of these companies entrust OM to manage their testing programs.  OM can design, implement and administer your company’s program.  We understand aviation client’s needs and have a drug and alcohol program to match.  

OM Management’s Drug and Alcohol Testing and Compliance Program 

Training and Support

OM clients get a complete program with experts just a phone call or email away.  As such, our clients can count on year-round support and advice.  An example of that support is the training drug and alcohol program managers receive from OM.  OM also provides Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Procedures manuals to our clients.  And, OM creates manuals specifically for that client.   

Because the rules and regulations are complex, being available to our clients is critical.  As such, we have a dedicated compliance team to answer any questions.  They work with our clients providing information and helping them with issues.  Having worked with aviation companies for years, they have seen most things before.  Very seldom does an issue arise that they can’t provide assistance.      


The testing part of a program is critical and where things must be done right.  It’s also the most obvious and quite often the most frustrating part of a program.  As such, OM offers a high level of  support for testing.  OM sets up, through our network, multiple collection sites based on a client’s needs.  In addition, OM sets up new sites as a clients needs grow or change.   

Because clients have employees across the U.S. we set up multiple sites.  And, the same applies when a test is needed outside of normal working hours.  Since these tests are not routine collections, OM will set up testing at the place and time needed.  For clients needing multiple tests at one time, OM can schedule on-site collections.  And finally, OM provides clients with workplace posters describing the required testing.  

And the final part of testing is the choice of a testing lab and a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  OM contracts only with SAMSHA/NIDA certified labs, reducing the chances of error.  OM also has multiple MRO’s so that all the results are reviewed and verified.  OM’s collection, lab, and MRO process allows for accurate and timely reporting.   


The administering a client’s program is where OM truly excels.  And, properly administering a program requires experience and knowledge.  By having OM handle the administration, the client’s burden is removed.  Because OM administers multiple programs, OM has a level of expertise most don’t.  

Also, as part of our goal of simplifying the process for our clients, OM keeps a database of covered employees.  And OM updates the database regularly, usually on a quarterly basis.  Then, OM uses the database to perform the random selections for their clients.  OM also performs the drug and alcohol background checks for many of our clients. 

Another example of major support to OM clients MIS reporting.  Today, most aviation companies are required to file an FAA Annual report(MIS Report).  OM makes the filing easier for clients and far less burdensome.  By managing the program throughout the year, OM can do most of the work.  OM compiles the necessary information, has it reviewed, and completes the MIS report.  Then, OM then sends the report to the client for review.  Lastly, the client reviews the data and and then files their MIS with the FAA. 

Let Us Help

Summed up, OM has the program management and testing experience needed.  Hence, OM has emerged as a leader in the area of FAA program management.  We know the industry and we know the regulations.  And, we would welcome the opportunity to speak to about what we offer.  Hundreds of DOT regulated companies rely on OM Management for a reason.   Please call OM Management or fill out the form on our website.   




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