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Must Your Company Have a FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program 

The FMCSA requires some companies have a drug and alcohol program.  Consequently, there are two primary determining factors in deciding if you do.  First, employers involved in the transportation of hazardous materials must.  Secondly, companies with trucks having a gross vehicle weight of 26,0001 or more, likely do.  The specific rules and regulations are far more in depth and can be found in the link below.  

Why use OM Management to Manage Your Program

OM serves hundreds of DOT companies, many of those FMCSA clients.  In fact, a large number of our clients have been with us for years.  Whether it is a question being answered or a test set up, we can help.  Why should your company choose OM Management?  A big reason is our commitment to our clients.  And another big reason is our commitment to compliance.  You can read and learn more about our company from the link below.    

An Overview of OM Management, Inc.

OM Management’s Drug and Alcohol Testing and Compliance Program

Testing and Training

Our FMCSA program covers everything, from testing to training.  We will meet with you and learn about your company and workforce.  We will learn about what you are doing currently and looking to do.  And after meeting with you, we will help you design and implement your program.   

We perform several types of testing for our client companies.  This includes pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion.  We also provide follow-up testing and record keeping, as needed.   We also take the time to train our clients on the different reasons to test.  To that end, we have created multiple trainings for clients.  These include supervisor, employee awareness, and program manager training.  And, if requested, we will give you additional training and guidance.  In addition to the training, we also give you the follow-up training material.  

As far as the actual testing being done, we have made it easier for our clients.  We have set-up a nationwide network of collection sites.   We will set-up collection sites for a company based on their needs.  For the actual lab-based testing, we only use SAMSHA certified labs.  All lab results are verified by a Medical Review Officer.  OM clients can expect easier testing with verified and timely results.      


To administer the program, several things are necessary.  First, we will keep and maintain a company employee database.  We will also do the company’s random selections so that the correct number are done.  Another thing we will provide is prior employment testing checks.  This includes the information being entered into the FMCSA Clearinghouse.  OM also maintains a database of all testing performed.  And, per DOT requirements, we keep all test results.  We will retain all records as per DOT requirements.    

When required by the FMCSA, OM will assist you with your company’s FMCSA annual report filing.  We will provide you with the data you need for the filing.  Subsequently, we will review your filing and data.  Another thing we do is provide you signage describing the required testing.  Finally, OM will prepare your company specific FMCSA Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy Manual.

As far as the administration of a company’s plan, there is little we do not do.  Our goal is to take on the administrative tasks so our clients don’t have to.  So, let us set up the network of collection sites your company will need.  Let OM customize your drug program manual.  Have us make sure you randomly test the right number.       

Let’s Talk

Our program is complete and focuses on compliance.  Over many years, our program has helped many FMCSA and DOT companies.  Companies with OM are able to focus on their core business.   And so, all  that is required to get started is a phone call or email to OM Management.  We are confident that our experienced and knowledgeable team can help.  Whether you need a new program or assistance with an existing plan, we can help.  Please contact us by phone or email and see how we can help you. 



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