OM Management- A Valuable and Tested Partner

How OM Management Came to Be

In the mid 80’s, Physicians Health Center(PHC) was getting requests to oversee drug and alcohol programs.  As the requests grew, it became clear that companies needed help.  So, PHC talked to their clients.   And, as a result of those conversations, a new company, OM Management, was formed.  OM, as it became commonly known, would focus on drug and alcohol testing.  OM would give companies what they wanted.

Who We Are Today

Today, OM is a recognized leader in drug and alcohol testing.  As a result, OM has assisted thousands of companies nationwide.  Therefore, everyday, OM is assisting clients in many areas.  We are answering questions or giving advice.  We are there when our clients need us.

How OM Management Can Help

Our program is designed to help with all areas of drug and alcohol testing.  Whether it is a single drug test or full program management, we can help.  Our commitment to our clients is first and foremost.

What We Offer

OM continues to evolve with regulatory changes.  We have to in order to insure our clients are compliant with the newest regulations.  Additionally, we offer training sessions, both on-line and in-person.   OM has software that provides for secure reporting and record keeping.  And, through our portal, clients can get their results on-line, by email, or by secure fax.  To provide convenient testing nationwide, OM has contracted with collection sites throughout the country.  Finally, a much need part of any program, OM has a dedicated compliance team.

How To Reach US

We would like to help with your company’s testing needs.  We would also like the opportunity to discuss your company’s particular needs.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or by completing the inquiry form on our website.   Contact Us




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